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About work at ITT / Alcatel

Press Clippings: these are the saner ones. The experience of dealing with the press to show off our new technology was a salutary one. It didn't really matter what I said when briefing journalists, almost all of what got published was inaccurate sensationalist rubbish that vastly exaggerated the already considerable achievements we had made
. I learnt not to talk to the press!

Financial Times 19-08-87
Sunday Times 23-08-87
New Scientist 28-08-87

And the brochure page1 page2


Typically, I can't find the brochure I most want, for the Xerox 4030. Arguably the best desktop printer of its day, but here are the 4010 and 4011 that I had a big hand in. The real story of these is that in 1988 Xerox decided to pull out of the embryonic desktop laser printer market. They couldn't develop and market them profitably. The whole development and sales methodology was engineered around big ticket sales, low value products couldn't make a profit. Lyndon Haddon, Marketing Director for Rank Xerox International, disagreed and had us set up a small tiger team to develop small printers for the European market - strictly against Xerox principles, which required that all product development was US led and executed. For five years we fought a "guerrilla war" within Xerox, developing these products and selling them globally. In 1993 Xerox accepted they were in the desktop printer market and repatriated all development to the US corporation.

4010 Brochure page1 page2
4011 Brochure page1 page2

It seemed as though Xerox used to give out recognition awards like confetti, not true really, I just happened to be part of a winning team so we got a lot of recognition, I have a fistful of these, here are a sample few:

4030 4010 4011

Yorkshire Electricity

I haven't got souvenirs of many consultancy assignments, but at YE I persuaded them that in order to fulfill the objectives they would need not only to replace the billing systems (my piece of the action), but also to redesign the content and appearance of their bills. For this we engaged Rob Waller of the IDU. Rob is one of the best document designers in the world, and YE's bills set a new standard for clarity in utility billing. In my files I found the launch brochure, the insert included with the new type of bill to explain it:

YE Brochure page1 page2

Vanilla / JLA

What is there to say? An IT Director is not a public face in most companies - we are the backroom boys that make the wheels go round. But Vanilla is exceptional, so I put our primary operating company forward for an award and to our surprise we were shortlisted in the final six. We put on our tuxedo's and had a great night out at the award ceremony.

Most IT-Enabled Small Business (under 500 employees) Nomination - Computing Magazine

I disagree with much of the way most IT people view their work, and riled by some rubbish published in the computer press I broke my rule of not talking to them, and put pen to paper. These days it is much easier - if you say it by e-mail it is often published verbatim, much better than a journalist taking notes and then mangling the point you were trying to make!

Computer Weekly - Profit Drives The Best In IT - 01-08-2006


Having discovered that I'm willing to be quoted, and finding that what I have to say is often controversial enough to be worth publishing, I find that the telephone or e-mail now brings frequent requests for my opinion or comment, a couple of samples:

Computer Weekly - Value of IT to Business CRM Article

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