Bertie & Sadie

Double Trouble

You won't be surprised to learn that Bertie is male, and Sadie is female. They're almost unrelated (they have some common parentage many generations back), and are black labradors from good working stock.

Bertie is a lovable oaf. Enormously proud of his single brain cell, his life is dedicated to finding food and eating. One really easygoing dog. When only ten months old he was presented with another puppy, two-month old Sadie, and proceeded to bring her up better than any professional nanny. It's really very difficult to get the wrong side of Bertie, or to dislike him.

Sadie is a Madam. Eight months younger than Bertie and much more intelligent, she's convinced that she has everything to prove, in particular that she's the boss. Unfortunately Bertie's too thick to cotton on to her plans, so he just keeps going his own sweet way as though she never spoke. This frustrates Sadie beyond belief, so she tries harder and harder to assert dominance without realising that she's doomed to failure, driving everyone up the wall except Bertie. Being that bit brighter, Sadie is sweet, devious and manipulative.

Life is continually up and down with these two:- they both love rolling in any unmentionable substance they can find while out walking, usually fox ****, and proudly bringing their new perfume for you to sniff in true doggy fashion. Fortunately they both love swimming, so the majority of walks finish with a bath in the nearest stream or pond before going home.


Zhaan is nothing to do with me, she belongs to my daughter and son-in-law, but she seems to feature in many aspects of life these days, so here she is. Zhaan is a Parson Jack Russell terrier with her very own web page at Zhaan comes over to us to stay quite regularly, and terrierises Sadie particularly, which I guess is comeuppance for all the hassle Sadie gave Bertie when she was younger. Ah, the youth of today...........

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