I love Racquetball. It's a great game. I have never been particularly sporty but I took it up to help with my Meniere's Disease and have become addicted. In the UK it is mostly played on a Squash court with a slower ball because Squash courts are smaller than Racquetball courts, but I am lucky in that we have a proper, full-size, Racquetball court at work.

Racquetball is a more tactical game than Squash, a more thinking game. The ball "lives" longer before dying, giving players more time to react and play each stroke. This allows brain to counter brawn, removes some of the need for raw power when playing, and enables a moderately fit 50 year-old to thrash a very fit 25 year-old - very satisfying. I play with colleagues at work each week and can take a genuine pleasure in "beating my staff"!

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